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Brake Pads

parts_brakepadsThere are thousands of different brake pad compounds?. The brake pad consists of the compound, this is the pad material, and a backing plate to which the pad wear material is adhered to. They are currently grouped into 3 main categories: semi metallic, ceramic and organic. Some semi metallic are better than others, some ceramics are better than other ceramics, and so on. There is no one best all-purpose pad. There is a pad that is made for racing, this pad may produce a lot of dust, have a large tendency to squeal against the rotor and wear quite quickly but it will do what people want their race car to do and that is to stop the vehicle quickly. For every day vehicles a mix of low dust, low noise, good stopping power and longevity needs to be found, and an incredibly large number of companies claim that their pads do exactly what you want them to.

Most brands of brake pad do not get very technical with their descriptions of their pads, and typically a ceramic pad is a good one to go with simply because of the fact that it does not produce a black brake dust and contribute to making your wheels dirty. A typical ceramic will also have less tendency to squeal against the rotor because it contains no metal. Delamination is something that used to happen, but it is basically a thing of the past because the adhesion processes have been improved and it is not an issue to be worried about anymore. Delamination is simply the separation of pad material from the backing plate and some companies use their superior adhesion process as a selling feature. In the end, just about any brake pad is going to do the job, the subtle differences are rarely a concern of, or noticed by, most drivers.

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