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For over 35 years Astro Whats Up has been a leading supplier of Chevrolet Astro and GMC Safari auto parts worldwide. While the vans are no longer being produced, we honor some of the hardest working vehicles on the road with top quality replacement parts. Our quality parts keep your Astro or Safari on the road longer!

When you shop with us, you shop factory direct. That means BIG SAVINGS on high quality replacements. With free shipping, you get the parts you need delivered right to your door! Start shopping with us today and treat your Astro to the service and parts it deserves.

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We stock everything you need to keep your Astro rolling, including:

Air Filters, Lower Ball Joints, Upper Ball Joints, Brake Drums, Brake Rotors, Ceramic Brake Pads, Hybrid Wiper Blades, Fuel Filters, Fuel Pump Assemblies, Headlight Assemblies, Oil Filters, Corner Lights, Signal Lights, Adjustment Sleeves, Drag Links, Sway Bar Bushing Kits, Idler Arms, Radiators, Shock Absorbers, Side Mirrors, Tie Rod Ends, Transmission Filters, Wheel Bearings,

And Much More…

A Brief History

For twenty years, the Chevrolet Astro was one of the most capable vehicles on the market. Built with the powertrain of a truck but with the utility of a van, the Astro was well rounded to the point of taking on any challenge.

The Astro was offered by Chevrolet, while the Safari was offered by GMC. Both offerings were very similar in style and nearly identical in function. Under the badges, both vans shared the same drivetrain and other options that powered the vehicles. Both variants featured rear wheel drive configurations, but eventually became the first ever minivans to be offered with an all wheel drive configuration.


Given the Astro and Safari were produced for over 20 years, a few generations of the vehicle exist. The first generation took aim at the uninspiring lineup of minivans of the time. With seating for 8 passengers and up to 200 horsepower from a 4.3L V6, the astro was unlike anything else on the market at the time. The first generation of the astro saw classic options like scotchgard on the interior and the removal of freon from the vehicle’s ac system.

With the second generation of the astro, the overall look and design was changed to match GM’s Express vans. Other than that, the design and function of the Astro remained largely unchanged until the last Astro rolled off the assembly line in May 2005. For over twenty years the Astro served as one of the hardest working vehicles on the road, transporting families, contractors, couriers, musicians and more with all their supplies wherever they needed to go.

While production of the Astro ended over 10 years ago, there are still plenty of vehicles on the road due to their incredible construction and longevity. Thanks to providers like Astro What’s Up, you’ll never have to worry about finding the perfect part for your Astro. Using the search options above, you’ll see a whole list of parts made just for your Chevy Astro. Shop today and SAVE BIG!

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